Take the Shame Out of Your Self-Promotion

Date Published:
August 10, 2022
Summer Stirling

As someone who spends far too much time on social media, and follows a lot of small businesses and entrepreneurs, I see way too many of you apologising for promoting yourselves. 

Even those who trill, “Shameless self-promotion time!” almost always begin or end that sentence with a “Sorry”.

Here’s just a few reasons why you need to take the shame and sorrys out of your marketing:

You’re One Smart Cookie

In the US, 83.1% of business owners start their own companies from scratch (Fact Finder). Not that there’s anything wrong with purchasing an up-and-running business, but to create a profitable company with little more than your two hands and ball of fat in your skull - Now that’s brag-worthy. 

Mastery of Self-Sufficiency

Sixty-two percent of small businesses don’t have any staff (Fresh Books). The same report shows 28% of businesses have 1-5 employees, while only 10% have over five employees.

So the majority of you are doing all this heavy lifting on your own, or with limited help.

Take a rest on this throne, kings and queens.

Employer of the Year

In 2015, small business employment made up around 45% of total private employment in the US (Office of Advocacy). Your success creates opportunities for communities, and most employees say they’d rather work for a small business over a large corporation; Not only is there more satisfaction in the work they do, they enjoy the familiar feel of a smaller group.

From 1992 to 2013, small businesses accounted for 63.3% of new jobs in the US. Entrepreneurship has had a positive effect on the economy, as more than half of net new jobs came from these small businesses

Courage on Display

Approximately 20% of small businesses fail within the first year. By the end of the second year, 30% of businesses will have failed, and only half will make it past the five year mark. And by the end of the decade, only 30% of businesses will remain (BLS) — That’s a 70% failure rate. That’s some serious risk taking there!

You don’t step into a boxing ring, put on your gloves, then apologise for being there. You stand tall and you fight!

With heavy hitters like Walmart, Target, and Amazon taking swings at your chances of success, you should be proud of yourself for showing up to the fight. 

We’re Rooting For You

We, your current and potential clients, want to know more about you and your products. Show us the behind-the-scenes messes, your craftsmanship, and the inspiration for your latest piece or project. We’re excited for your success almost as much as you are.

So before you start your next Instagram Story or TikTok, remember to toss your sorrys, shame, and self-consciousness in the rubbish bin where it belongs. Be proud of what you’re doing. We want and need you to succeed.