Setting New-Policy Records with Sutherland Insurance

Date Published:
September 7, 2023
Brock Jones


Insurance is an essential, yet often misunderstood industry. With thousands of providers and countless things to ensure, it’s not always easy to find the policy you need, or a provider you can trust.

In the case of Sutherland Insurance, their family-owned brokerage has been service Ontario residents & businesses for 5 generations, and are now one of the most well-respected insurance providers in the country. So how did they do it? Let’s explore.


Sutherland Insurance is known for its exceptional personalized service and high client retention rates, some lasting over a century. They sought to enhance their digital presence and approached us for assistance.'s Approach:

Our collaboration with Sutherland Insurance was a perfect match, as both our companies shared a passion for focusing on customer retention and long-term enterprise value. Our agency understood Sutherland's need to maintain the personal touch that set them apart, while still harnessing the power of digital marketing to attract new clients.

What Set Apart:

Notable Changes:

Over the past three months, everything began to click for Sutherland Insurance with the assistance of Digitl. Our agency’s advertising efforts resulted in substantial improvements:

ROI & Future Goals:

Sutherland Insurance's CEO, Zac, acknowledges the significance paid advertising pays in their future goals. Our agency understood that a focus on enterprise value and long-term retention outweighs a narrow focus on client acquisition cost. Sutherland has set aggressive yet sustainable scalability goals, supported by a comprehensive hiring plan to ensure their warm and personalized touch is retained as they grow.

Key Takeaways:

Digitl and Sutherland’s collaboration exemplifies how a partnership founded on shared values and effective strategies can drive exceptional growth and success in the insurance industry.


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