Redefining Luxury Swimwear with Quatre Swim

Date Published:
September 22, 2022
Brock Jones

Like many great brands, Quatre Swim started out with humble beginnings and big ambitions. 

The founder, Malaika, started the brand in April 2020 while exploring the south of France. She envisioned a swimwear brand that combined timeless designs with luxurious, eco-friendly fabric. 

At the time, Malaika was still in university and was working part time at a restaurant to fund her new venture! She spent her free time building her brand, growing her following on Instagram and packing orders as they came in. 

Fast forward two years later and her efforts have clearly paid off! Quatre Swim is selling thousands of units across the globe, from America to Australia, and has built a loyal following in the process. 

Unlike other apparel brands, Malaika doesn’t follow in the shadow of her competition. Rather than focussing on cut & color first, she instead draws her inspiration from luxurious travel destinations across Europe, and creates timeless designs that cater to the location. 

Being in a hyper-competitive industry, Malaika has built a strategic advantage by curating the highest quality ribbed fabric made from recycled materials and maintaining a timeless design that goes beyond seasonal trends. 

When asked about growing her brand, Malaika had two comments: First, “taking the time to know your audience is the most important part to growing a brand”, and second, “Your first impressions matters. Having an aesthetically pleasing Instagram really helps”. 

As Quatre Swim continued to grow, Malaika realized what many successful brand owners do: you can build a loyal following without any ads, but running ads certainly adds fuel to the fire! As she puts it: “I’ve built a good looking brand, we have a really solid community, now I want to reach even further, and that’s not something I could have done alone”. 

Since starting with us, Quatre Swim’s revenue has increased by over 400% in our first month, and is on track for an additional 240% increase in our second month. Running ads has helped Malaika bring more consistency & predictability to her daily revenue. 

By understanding that her average ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) across Facebook, Instagram and Google is approximately 300%, we can now predict what her monthly revenue will be and work towards more record-breaking months. 

The future is certainly bright for Quatre Swim as she continues to expand her product line into Resort Wear, ads more size variety, and continues to book incredible shoots at the most luxurious locations. 

If you’re like Malaika and own a trend-setting brand at the cusp of massive growth, I’d invite you get in touch with our team and learn all the ways we can help your business grow!