Instagram Shops: Drive Product Sales With Our Little Rainbow-Icon Friend

Date Published:
August 3, 2022
Emma Carver

Originally named after an alcoholic drink and used as a platform for users to check-in their location, Instagram has rapidly become one of the top platforms to build a following and spread your brand like a wild fire.

This has been especially true since the introduction of Instagram Shops.

Instagram shops are a great way for e-commerce brands to sell directly from the social app. Your followers (and potential new buyers) can browse, explore, and purchase products without having to leave the platform.

“Shops are an immersive fullscreen storefront that enable businesses to build their brand story and drive product discovery — all in a native shopping experience.” - Instagram Business Team

Think of it like a mini e-commerce store within the Instagram app. Shops are an extension of your brand’s page and provide a more interactive shopping experience for users.

Brand owners are able to customize collections that reflect their style and perspective. You can create collections just in time for a season or holiday and promote your products to an audience that is eager to buy.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you build out your shop:

Use high-quality, editorial images for your products and collections: Would you go into a store if the front window wasn’t appealing?

Tap into consumers psychology — sell the sizzle, not the steak. Use enthusiastic imagery that paints a picture of what life could be like with your product(s).

Provide product information: Include prices, colours, sizes, scents, flavours, variants, etc. The more information provided, the more likely people will buy.

Tag your products in your organic posts. Integrate your shop into your normal feed by tagging products from your catalog — It’s like tagging a friend in a photo, but that friend is a product.  

Instagram Shops are another way to build a following and make a profit (and for FREE, I might add). However, if you want to have even more success with your Insta-Shop, invest in ads. The more exposure you have, the better chances there are of consumers a) finding you and b) buying from you.