How To Setup Automated Messages That Sell Your Products For You

Date Published:
September 7, 2022
Brock Jones

Imagine having 100 conversations with 100 different customers at once. Better yet, imagine a robot could do it for you and sell your products on your behalf... This is the power of Chat Marketing.

There are dozens of tools out there but nothing quite compares to ManyChat. Many Chat is the industry leading chat bot software used by over a million businesses. They make it easy to setup your FAQ, drive leads and even sell your products.

We've helped dozens of our customers setup Many Chat to improve their conversions and increase sales, and today we're going to share our most effective tips for getting started on this platform.

The first steps is easy: create an account at then visit this link for to install 5 of the most popular messaging sequences for e-commerce businesses, written by the one and only, Neil Patel!

Sequence 1 -Abandoned Cart Recovery: The majority of carts get abandoned - but you can recover many of those carts by sending a Messenger or Text reminder to those almost-customers. This template will help you get customers to opt-in to receive messages and send follow-up messages if they don't finish their purchase.

Sequence 2 - Sales and Promotions Opt-in: Everybody loves a sale and your customers are no exception. Use this template to make sure they know when you've got a deal that's too good to pass up. Inside is a flow to request customers to opt-in to receive sales and promotions and a Black Friday flow you can use to close the deal.

Sequence 3 - Out of Stock: Don't let success be your downfall! Link customers to this template when one of your products is temporarily out of stock. It will help you collect a list of people who want to buy, and shoot them a message when you have new inventory.

Sequence 4 - Facebook Ads: Ever wish you could talk to the people who click on your ads? Well you can! Turn ad clicks into long-term relationships by combining Facebook Click-to-Messenger ads with this template. Deliver a coupon and quickly capture contact information to keep customers coming back.

Sequence 5 - Lead Magnet: You put a lot of work into that lead magnet, now make sure your customers have the chance to read it! Send content to your customers instantly through Messenger and via Email. Collect contact information if you don't already have it so you can keep in touch across channels.

If you'd like help setting up ManyChat for your business, or if you'd like to learn about over a dozen other advertising tips for e-commerce brands, click the link below to speak with our team! We'll help point you in the right direction 👇