Here’s the #1 reason your ads stop performing after you scale budget.

Date Published:
August 3, 2022
Emma Carver

Facebook does a pretty good job at matching your ads to the people who will most likely find it appealing, but sometime’s when you try to up the ad spend to keep the success rolling (also known as ‘scaling’), the effectiveness of your ads can taper off. So… why the heck does this happen and what can you do to prevent it?

When your budget is small, Facebook sends your ads to a segment of your audience that it thinks is the best match. Buuuuut when you start increasing ad spend, Facebook starts reaching other segments of that audience.

Okay, analogy time. Picture this:

You go fishing in a little pond and right off the bat you’re using the best bait to catch fish. You start reeling in the fishies at a fantastic rate, so you think “eh, what the heck… let’s use some more of the same bait so we can catch even more fish.” You then buy more bait and cast your line into the pond but the fish just aren’t biting as much as they were. While buying more bait is the right course of action in theory, the reason you’re not catching as many fish is because you might have tapped out your audience; not all fish like the same food (I think? Idk I can’t exactly ask them). This is also known as ad fatigue.

Okay, to get back to my point... the messaging in your ads needs to appeal to the masses, otherwise your ROAS is just going to keep dipping. Every product on the market will have multiple reasons of appeal, directly related to its features and benefits. Focusing on only one (or only a select few) is just a waste of real-estate.

Here’s another analogy (can you tell I like them?):

Take a car for example… Person A will buy a car because it’s fast, and Person B will buy it because it’s safe.

If your ad only highlights the safety features of the car, you can forget about Person A wanting to buy it. Same goes if you reverse the scenario; if your ad only talks about how fast the car is, Person B is just going to keep on scrolling.

So, long story short, the key to effectively scaling is to not put all your eggs in one basket. Trying to scale all-in on one angle is just not a longterm (or smart) strategy. Come up with creatives that appeal to all the different segments of your audience, and ones that attack multiple different reasons why people buy. This is the best way to prevent your ads from—pardon the expression— sh*tting the bed at scale. 💩