Holiday Product Photo Ideas

Date Published:
January 4, 2023
Summer Stirling
🎵 It’s the most wonderful time of the year 🎵… Especially for online sales! 

Black Friday is nearly here, and eCommerce is about to get wild! 

The market is flooded with all the latest must-haves and “didn’t know you needed” items. Sale banners are flashing across the screen. The competition is tougher than the reindeer games. 

Is your online storefront looking as shiny and polished as a Christmas bauble? 

This isn’t the time of year for #tbt or recycled images. Get your best camera ready and give yourself a day or so to play photographer.

Take a look at a few festive photo ideas below:

Deck the Halls… With Colour

Even if your aesthetic is black and white, consider adding some festive colour to your backgrounds or lighting. A pop of red or a string of Christmas lights can add a whole lot of magic to a simple photo setup, especially using glass or other reflective items.

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, and Juxtaposition

Make your product pop with an opposing backdrop. Selling a fuzzy teddy bear? Have him lean against smooth shiny gift wrap. Dropping the latest hot tea flavours? Photograph a steaming mug of your brew outside in some crisp snow. Hard on soft, bright on dark, warm on cold. You get the idea.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

So bundle up and take your products outside! Using a fresh snowfall or a frosty forest as a backdrop adds a perfectly festive feeling. 

Holiday Gatherings

If you have an extensive line of products, consider bundling items together in creative ways. Many times you may only have one glance from a customer before they scroll on, so having some variety in one image can widen your chances to pique their interest.

Think Outside the Gift Box!

Pay the mall Santa to pose with your hottest seller. Pull all your sweaters out for cozy background fabric. Bake yourself some gingerbread props (also a great snack for when you’re done). Borrow a reindeer from… wherever reindeer live. 

Just get nut-cracking! 

Like Rudolph’s nose, we’re always here to guide you. Set up a call below for bright marketing solutions.