February 3, 2021

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Facebook's 2021 Holiday Marketing Guide


Now more than ever people are craving connections, whether it be with each other, businesses and/or communities. This overall consumer need to feel connected, entertained and inspired is affecting the way people shop and buy; this holiday season will be no different. Facebook has announced that this upcoming holiday season will largely be defined by the desire to buy into “shoppertainment”.

Facebook recently released a 2021 Holiday Marketing Guide which discusses how vital it is to to see timeless human needs reflected in modern shopping experiences (amongst other things), especially during the holiday season where there is no shortage of MSD’s (Mega Sale Days). There’s a growing appetite from shoppers to make online holiday shopping an immersive experience that feels as engaging as the in-person experience.

If you want to know how you should approach this as a marketer, including Facebook’s recommended actions (i.e., partner integrations, social media strategies, campaign planning structures, etc.) then head on over to the official guide to get a jump-start on your holiday marketing… because we all know it always creeps up faster than we think it will.

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