Build your business into the empire it’s meant to be with Clearco - Digitl's newest partner company

Date Published:
August 3, 2022
Brock Jones


The rumours are true - Digitl Inc. is now an official agency partner of Clearco! 

Clearco is the worlds largest growth platform for ecommerce businesses with over $2B of capital deployed to 6,500+ brands around the world. 

Clearco makes it incredibly simple for founders to access capital and accelerate their growth by placing larger purchase orders, investing into advertising, hiring more staff and much, much more. 

However, this article is more than just a sales pitch. By partnering with Clearco, we’ve given all of our clients (current, past & future) the opportunity to access incredible financial resources that are otherwise off limits to the general public. 

What does this mean for you? 

I’m glad you asked. Receiving an introduction from Digitl will give you access to four private benefits that are not available anywhere else. 

First, you will instantly receive a $500 - $1,000 Facebook Advertising Credit which you can use at your sole discretion, no questions asked. 

Second, a referral from Digitl grants you a lower rate. No seriously! Our clients will be given a 0.6% - 2.0% lower rate than what is publicly advertised on the Clearco website. This allows our clients to raise more capital at a lower rate than any other Clearco user. 

Third, you no longer have to pay your agency (us). Ok this isn’t entirely true, BUT instead of paying for our services up front, you can finance our fees over three months for a fixed 3% rate. The benefit for you: freeing up capital. The benefit for us: keeping you happy!

Forth, once you’ve used the Clearco capital to grow even larger, Clearco will introduce you to hundreds of Angel Inventors and VC’s who are interested in partnering with you, investing in, or even buying your business. 

Clearco vs. Shopify capital

I often get asked which lender you should take capital from, Shopify or Clearco. Admittedly, prior to a few months ago I never fully understood the differences. Since you may not either, I’ll break down the biggest differences here:

First, and most importantly, Clearco has a lower rate starting at 6%, whereas Shopify’s rate starts at 8%. That’s the obvious difference, but a big one. 

Second, Clearco looks at all of your revenue sources when determining how much capital you qualify for. This includes your Shopify, Stripe, PayPal, Square and in-person sales. Shopify will only consider your Shopify revenue. This typically means Clearco can offer you more capital. 

Third, both Shopify and Clearco get paid back through a small percentage of your daily sales. However, Clearco calculates “daily sales” as total revenue minus discounts or refunds. Shopify simply looks at top-line revenue. This can make a Shopify loan particularly expensive around sales events such as Black Friday when your products are heavily discounted. 

Forth, in the event you take a loan and sales slow down, Clearco has zero ability to close down your Shopify store. Naturally, Shopify does. This is a less likely scenario, but worth mentioning. 

How does Digitl benefit?

Aside from the credibility and recognition as an exceptional ad agency, Digitl has zero financial incentive to introduce you to Clearco. 

In fact, we have opted out of taking any referral fees from Clearco and instead, we are giving our referral fee right back to you, our loyal customers, in the form of lower rates. 

If you’re wondering how an introduction from Digitl lands you a 0.6% - 2.0% lower rate,  its simply because we are passing our financial incentives onto you. 

How to get started

Luckily, this is the easy part! If you’d like to access all of the amazing benefits listed above; a lower rate, free Facebook ad spend, zero upfront agency fees and access to thousands of investors, all you have to do is email with the subject line “Give me Clearco!”. 

From there, our team will introduce you to Jade, our personal Clearco associate who will ensure the highest level of care, service and benefits. 

Here’s to your continued growth! 

The Digitl Team 


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