Creating An Apparel Empire with AZUR Fit

Date Published:
September 23, 2022
Brock Jones

Erin Dubs, the owner of a trendsetting fitness apparel brand, is a force to be reckoned with! In 2018, her and her sister started the company AZUR Tank (now known as AZUR Fit) after bringing a LA fitness-fashion trend to Canada.

In the span of only two years, Erin went from DIY-ing cropped tank tops to selling high-quality fitness apparel that customers swear by. The bread and butter of her company is her high-waisted leggings, which have been deemed “the best leggings you will ever own” by many.

Once people try AZUR Fit clothing, they’re hooked. The quality of her products, and her relationship with her customers is what sets Erin’s business apart from her competitors; she makes it a priority to start a dialogue and become friends with her consumers organically through social media, giving her brand that personal touch.

With business booming, Erin decided to ad fuel to the fire and hired an ad agency… I sent Erin a cold email explaining what Digitl Inc. could offer her business, and as luck would have it, she chose to work with us.

Fortunately, it was the right decision. In our first month working together we successfully increased Erin’s top-line revenue by over 280%. We’ve continued along this positive trend with a 20% average increase in revenue every month since then!

Time really does fly when you’re having fun. It’s been nearly six months now of working together with Erin and it’s been an absolute pleasure. Running paid ads is always more successful when you have an established brand and following, and AZUR Fit is the golden standard for this.

Erin’s plan for 2021 is to become the “gap between fitness and fashion.” She plans to update her inventory with items that offer even more versatility for the new normal we’re facing — “with gyms being closed and the industry going up and down, it’s important to be versatile with your products. I want fitness apparel that is comfortable, that you can wear to work, and that you can dress up or down.”

We’re beyond excited to see what the future holds for our continued partnership with AZUR Fit! Thanks for being a stellar client!

If you’re like Erin, and you own an up-and-coming apparel brand that you’d like to see explode, I’d invite you get in touch with out team and learn all the way we can help your business grow in 2021!