Changing The Hair Accessories Industry with KOV Essentials

Date Published:
September 23, 2022
Brock Jones

“When I started Kōv, I wanted to create a luxury self-care brand with products rooted in re-defining classic hair essentials.” — Chelsea Branch, CEO of Kōv Essentials.

Hair accessories are not one-size-fits all — and that’s exactly what Chelsea is dedicated to providing a solution for. Before launching her now-viral brand, she noticed a huge inclusivity gap in the hair accessory industry. Having long, thick hair herself, she found that many products she came across were lacking in one way or another; those that were functional lacked aesthetics, and those that were cute just didn’t work.

Since the late months of 2020, Chelsea has been dedicated to bridging the gap between aesthetics and functionality by providing hair essentials for all hair types. Whether you have super thin, fine, textured, or thick hair (or somewhere in-between), Kōv has a clip for everyone.

On top of offering an inclusive brand, Chelsea is also dedicated to ensuring sustainability is at the top of her value’s list. With the vast majority of Kōv’s Clips & Combs being made of cellulose acetate (a plant derived fibre), every business decision made includes a conscious effort to lessen the burden of consumerism on our planet.

In the span of only six months, Chelsea went from posting occasionally on her brand’s TikTok page to selling out her latest clip in less than twenty minutes. With over 500 5-star reviews site-wide, it’s abundantly clear that what sets Kōv apart from other hair accessory companies is not only the premium quality and research that goes into the products, but also the relationships formed with customers; Once people try Kōv’s accessories, their hooked for good.

With business beginning to spike thanks to her organic social media content, and being the captain of the one-woman-ship, Chelsea decided that it was time to look into a more consistent method of brining in revenue. Enter, Digitl.

We started working with Chelsea at the end of April of this year. In our first month of working together, we successfully brought in a 3X return on investment (ROI). Our second month was also quite the success story, with a 38% increase in top-line revenue. Talk about a successful first few months!

But the fun doesn’t end there… Chelsea’s plan for the rest of 2021 is to continue to grow her brand by further expanding her accessory range, and possibly incorporating hair care products into the mix down the line.

Running paid ads is always more successful when you have an established brand and following, and Kōv truly is the golden standard for this. We’re beyond excited to see what the future holds for our continued partnership with Kōv Essentials! Thanks for being a stellar client!

If you’re like Chelsea and own an up-and-coming accessory brand that you’d like to see explode, I’d invite you get in touch with our team and learn all the ways we can help your business grow!