Calculate the TRUE Daily Profit for your E-commerce Brand

Date Published:
September 21, 2022
Brock Jones

There's truly no greater feeling than building your own e-commerce brand and watching the "total sales" figure climb month after month. Waking up in the mornings to check yesterdays revenue, receiving "new order" notifications on your phone, and hearing the Shopify "cha-ching" sound become regular occurrences on your path to building a great brand.

But there's one big problem - for every new order, there's a new expense to follow. From Softwares, shipping, manufacturing, product returns, ad costs, agency fees and so much more, running an e-commerce brand is expensive! You can certainly try to keep organized with excel sheets and Google docs, but calculating your daily, or even hourly revenue is a seemingly impossible task... until now.

Insert, Lifetimely! Lifetimely is a revenue & expense calculator built specifically for Shopify brands. It's downloaded directly from the Shopify app store and makes it incredibly simple to link your ad platforms, shipping costs, agency fees, warehousing expenses, and every other expense required to operate your business. It then shows you how profitable your e-commerce brand really is, every hour of every day.

We've been using Lifetimely on many of our client accounts, from smaller >$1M brands, to globally recognized $100M+ecom giants! You can get started today on their Free Forever plan, or use this link to get 20% off any of their paid plans here -> Get Lifetimely Discount Through Digitl.

To your success,

The Digitl Team