Marketing 101: Are Facebook Ads Still Relevant Today?

Date Published:
January 20, 2023
Brock Jones

Thanks to its broad reach, Facebook has played a crucial role in advertising. While this platform has become essential to local businesses’ marketing arsenals, the digital landscape is evolving. As Snapchat and TikTok grow popular among younger users, investing in Facebook ad agencies may be less effective. 

However, despite falling behind Google and YouTube as the most visited website globally, Facebook remains an invaluable tool for small businesses to reach potential customers and clients. 

This article will answer why this platform remains a critical marketing tool and why you should still invest in Facebook ad agencies, despite recently becoming less influential. 

Is Facebook Still Worth It?

Unlike TikTok, which has around a billion active users, Facebook remains the social media giant, with more than 2.7 billion active users using it monthly. Not investing in Facebook ad agencies to market your products or services mean missing out on reaching hundreds or thousands of potential customers. 

However, younger users are shifting their attention from Facebook to TikTok. This trend could indicate that TikTok will surpass Facebook as the popular social media platform. 

Why Should You Still Use Facebook Ads?

After determining if Facebook is relevant today, this section enumerates five reasons your business still needs Facebook ad agencies. 

1. Changing Targeting Capabilities 

Facebook is upgrading their targeting capabilities to protect user privacy better. This change means advertisers can use broader targeting options like age, gender, and geolocation. 

While it can benefit the users, it can affect marketers’ ability to target customers according to their behaviour, interests, sexual orientation, religious and political affiliations, and health conditions. Fortunately, you can still target ads accurately by working with a reputable Facebook ad agency. 

2. Changing Conversion Objectives 

Apple introduced an iOS 14 feature that allows users to disable tracking when browsing an application or website, which impacts Facebook’s ability to track user behaviour accurately. While Facebook encourages marketers to rely on the algorithm to find customers, this new strategy can be expensive for small businesses. For this reason, we highly recommend investing in reputable Facebook ad agencies. 

3. Ad Spending Differ across Platforms

Instead of placing all their eggs in a basket, marketers are now using multiple advertising mediums to reduce the risk of losing money and create a more comprehensive advertising campaign. 

For instance, email marketing has grown popular among businesses because it lets them contact customers directly with more personalized messages. Advertisers must also be ready to adapt to Facebook’s ever-changing algorithm to stay ahead of their campaigns. 

While it may take some more time and money to see concrete results, working with a good Facebook ad agency can help you reach the best possible outcomes. 

4. Users Grow More Skeptical 

Users are now more aware of the websites’ tracking and targeting methods to deliver advertisements. These procedures made them savvier about their interactions with online advertisements. 

Other people suspected that Facebook was eavesdropping on their conversations to collect data about what they were buying. Contrary to the rumours, Facebook used a complex computer program to analyze user behaviour to present relevant ads. 

This change forced advertisers to invest their money in Facebook ad agencies to persuade users to purchase successfully because of the increased decision-making time. 

5. Place Your Business in Front of Customers

Many businesses are now investing in reputable Facebook ad agencies because the social media giant’s algorithm makes it difficult to get an organic reach. 


Facebook is still essential to your marketing arsenal, even if other social media platforms are slowly overtaking it. Working with a reputable Facebook ad agency can help you maximize your marketing strategy.

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