9 Big Reasons to Shop Small

Date Published:
November 25, 2022
Summer Stirling

There’s Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and a million more sales between now and Boxing Week. If your eyes aren’t strained from all the flashing banners and bright text, are you even online?

All the big names are throwing cash at their marketing teams to get their holiday deals in front of their audience. 

But the little guys are having sales too!

We work with many small businesses and solopreneurs who make products that far surpass the quality you'll find in any big box store. And, as great as we are at our jobs, it’s easy for any small business to get lost in the party mix.

So, here are 9 big reasons you should consider shopping small this holiday season:

1. You’re Not Just A Number 

Owners of small businesses do a little happy dance when they get a new client or order. They see you, they know your name, and appreciate that you chose to shop with them. 

2. You’re Supporting A Family

Your purchase directly helps someone put fuel in their car and food on their family’s table, and ensures a roof over their head. Many small companies are started so a family member can stay home and take care of dependents. Your purchase helps them help others.

3. Exclusive Products

Whether handmade/homemade or otherwise unique, you’re unlikely to find the same products in big box stores.

4. Supporting Community

Small businesses are not in competition with one another. Many will collaborate and work together. Many indie cafes will have dedicated spaces for artists to sell their artwork or pottery. Private veterinary clinics sometimes work with local pet photographers or pet sitters.


5.  Small Businesses Give Back

Most small companies give back to their community, and not just for the tax break. From food bank drives to supporting local youth sports, these businesses often help those in need around them.

6. Better Customer Service

Small companies want to impress you and keep you coming back. These companies must strive to survive, and therefore provide better customer service. Plus, a single referral can mean a lot more to a smaller company than it would Walmart or Amazon.

7. You Support Local Community

When your dollars go into a small business, those dollars are much more likely to stay in the surrounding community of that business. Rather than padding CEO pockets or flying off as dividends to investors, your money is circulated back into the community.

8. Above and Beyond Care

Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Many small businesses (especially artists/creators) are willing to do custom work for you or help you find something more to your liking. 

9. Better For the Environment and Workers

Small businesses are more likely to comply with environmental and labour laws. You're a lot less likely to pollute the land you live on after all.

They also often pay their staff better!

Humans are longing for more sense of community these days. Getting to know small business owners in your area or even across the world sparks this connection. 

Plus, you can feel good knowing you’re helping the underdog in the market rather than fuelling Bezos’ rocket this Christmas.